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Fake Illusions

May 30, 2014

Fake Illusions

[click pic to embiggen] During the Ida/Beekeeper photo session for our split single, we entertained each other by one of us doing a ridiculously lame magic trick, and the other responding with unrealistic glee. As you can see, Dan got Jan falling-apart laughing. (Getting Jan to laugh that hard was such a joyful prize!) (L to R: Matthew, Liz, Jan, Dan)


Recording Vocals

May 30, 2014

Jan Recording Vocals

[click pic to embiggen] Jan could sing really really low. I never checked how low, but he could hit some serious bass. When we were recording Ostrich, he did the bottom in our three-octave chorus for the song Men.

More Pictures

May 31, 2010

Jan Kotik with the boys

Jan with Adam

Jan with kitty

Jan Kotik

October 20, 2009


Jan Kotik (1972-2007) was a father, artist, musician, and beloved friend to many. This blog is maintained by the people who knew him and loved him. It is a place to share stories, pictures, memories, drawings, little known facts — anything you want — with others who loved him, especially his children.