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Pics by Sarah Simon

October 15, 2018

Jan at Bearsville Studio

Jan at Bearsville Studio

Jan at The Magic Shop

Jan, Kenny Siegal, Brian Geltner

Brian Geltner, Kenny Siegal, Chris Rael, Jan


Jan with Kenny Siegal

October 15, 2018

Fake Illusions

May 30, 2014

Fake Illusions

[click pic to embiggen] During the Ida/Beekeeper photo session for our split single, we entertained each other by one of us doing a ridiculously lame magic trick, and the other responding with unrealistic glee. As you can see, Dan got Jan falling-apart laughing. (Getting Jan to laugh that hard was such a joyful prize!) (L to R: Matthew, Liz, Jan, Dan)

Recording Vocals

May 30, 2014

Jan Recording Vocals

[click pic to embiggen] Jan could sing really really low. I never checked how low, but he could hit some serious bass. When we were recording Ostrich, he did the bottom in our three-octave chorus for the song Men.

More Pictures

May 31, 2010

Jan Kotik with the boys

Jan with Adam

Jan with kitty

Jan Kotik

October 20, 2009


Jan Kotik (1972-2007) was a father, artist, musician, and beloved friend to many. This blog is maintained by the people who knew him and loved him. It is a place to share stories, pictures, memories, drawings, little known facts — anything you want — with others who loved him, especially his children.