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Jan at art school

February 1, 2010

Jan and Jack Risley at Cooper, 1990.

I was lucky to have met Jan in 1990, we were in in the same section at Cooper Union, which meant I had pretty much every class with him for that year. It’s hard to imagine what that year would have been like without his presence. People took things pretty seriously, and while Jan did too, he had a way of breaking things up with the subtlest humor and shenanigans. So when photo assignments came around with all the other stuff we had to do, Jan was more than willing to throw on some helmut or bathing cap, grab some fake fur or tape some CD to his lapel, and pose for me. I could barely hold the camera steady, shaking with laughter, tears streaming down my face as he stayed there, unflinchingly funny.


Sue Havens

Brooklyn, N.Y.