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October 21, 2009

It was 1998…or so.  Jan and I had been friends for some time, and my lady, Parker, and I were living above him – renting from Peter and Charlotta, while Jan lived in the 1st floor and basement. This allowed us plenty of time to listen to music or make music-type noise in the basement.  An excellent arrangement all around.

We were always coming up with ridiculous ideas. Sometimes we would follow through – like when we hatched the idea for the book “Haley P. Bailey, the Celibate Halibut.” We were going to sell it to a right-wing Christian publisher, who would love the message about not consumating before marriage.  He was going to do the illustrations, but one day he knocked on the door upstairs with a sad look on his face. “Tim,” he said. “We’ve got a problem.” I said “what do you mean we have a problem? I just finished the story, and with your drawings it’s sure to make us both a bajillion dollars.”

Jan shook his head. “I just looked it up at the library, and the halibut is ONE UGLY fish.”


Jan Kotik

October 20, 2009


Jan Kotik (1972-2007) was a father, artist, musician, and beloved friend to many. This blog is maintained by the people who knew him and loved him. It is a place to share stories, pictures, memories, drawings, little known facts — anything you want — with others who loved him, especially his children.